Требования к оформлению статей

Papers are sent by e-mail to

The review of the research adviser (for post-graduates) is addressed to Elena Ustinova, 46 Svobody St., Ryazan State University named for S.A. Esenin, 390000, Ryazan, Russia. The electronic copy, signed and stamped, is to accompany the article as an attachment.

The size of the paper is flexible, the average recommended size being approximately 12 pages, font 14 Times New Roman, 1.5-spaced. The editorial board may advise the author to compress or abridge the paper or to elaborate on some issues discussed.

The article should open with abstracts in Russian and in English (150-200 words) – that is, detailed enough to explain the originality of the author’s approach and to present the main theses put forward in the paper. The title of the paper and a list of key-words are also required in the two languages. However, if the author does not know Russian, an English version will suffice.

The references to the works cited are to be given as automatic footnotes, their respective (Arabic) number continuing from page to page throughout the article. In case of a quotation, the page referred to should be indicated.

The article is followed by references given in the alphabetical order. The list of references should include all the works given in the footnotes and should not contain any works not referred to in the text of the article. Please take care to provide the place of publication, the name of the publishing house and the exact number of pages in each source on the list. In case of a monograph, give the total number of pages. In case of an article in a journal, give the pages the article occupies (e.g., pp.27-35).

The editors request detailed information about the author’s name, academic degree, honorary titles, the post currently occupied, the exact name of the university and department (chair, faculty), as well as the postal address and telephone (whether office or home) and an e-mail address. (Please note that these data will be published). The editors would also welcome brief information about your research sphere, your chief academic interests and the approximate number of publications (monographs, textbooks, articles).

By submitting your article to the journal you thereby implicitly agree, in case it is accepted, to see it placed in the Russian electronic library (as well as on the electronic site of RSU) for full-version free access after an embargo of six months following its publication in print.


Contact information:


Tel. (office): 8(4912) 21 57 23

Postal address: 46, Svobody St,, Ryazan State University named for S.A. Esenin, 390000, Ryazan, Russia