General requirements

  1. The papers submitted to the editorial board for consideration are to conform to the research spheres covered by the journal (see above).
  2. We shall be honored to accept papers from eminent scholars as well as from postgraduate students or researchers without a degree, as long as the articles contribute both theoretically and practically to the academic field investigated.
  3. The authors are expected to observe the technical requirements listed below.
  4. Post-graduate students are expected to provide a review of the paper from their research adviser.
  5. The authors whose papers have been approved by the editorial board are required to pay 400 rubles per page (font 14, Times New Roman, 1.5-spaced). Intramural (full-time) postgraduate students are entitled to a free publication.
  6. The papers received are reviewed by independent experts (members of the editorial board). Should the independent expert consider the article acceptable, it is included in the portfolio for the current issue (or the issue under formation).
  7. The authors are notified about the decision of the editorial board.
Договор с автором

Договор с автором